Updated: 02.14.2010 Atari ST's Spectrum 512!

Bee 512

Here are various links to programs capable of viewing Spectrum 512 files in DOS or Windows!
Windows 9x Compatible
Atari Graphics Viewer 0.27 Beta (06062001)

VERY Small and Excellent for associating with your ST pictures!
Please hold suggestions for the author until he announces he has time to continue work.
Multiple Platform Support
XnView viewer & CLOE raytracing
Show Spc
Windows 3.1 & 9x
Atari Picture Viewer

Excellent for associating with your ST pictures!

Description below about the FIRST PC/DOS program
capable of viewing Spectrum 512 files!

ShowSpc freeware by
www.dreampark.org Development
[DreamPark Logo]
Spectrum 512 was a graphics program used on the Atari ST series. These images only functioned at the ST's 8mhz, so newer, faster Ataris were not often able to access these graphics unless through a program that converted the files to another format. There were programs on the ST that converted Spectrum files to GIF and IFF, but the color palette was truncated to 256 colors of the original 512 colors. DreamPark Development was a local Salt Lake software/hardware development company for the Atari and PC. These clever engineers were often creating for the Atari series of computer to allow use of their full potential. In the early 90's, DP created a little DOS program called ShowSpc.exe that viewed SPC and SPU files with ALL 512 COLORS!!! This program requires a VGA monitor and a fast PC. Original Spectrum files used the extenders SPC (compressed) and SPU (uncompressed). ShowSpc will view both. NOTE: There is a program on the ST that increased the compression of Spectrum 512 files and had the extender SPS. These files are NOT compatible with ShowSpc, and must be converted back to SPC or SPU. At the time, DP had planned to update their program to save the files to another format, but I never found such a release. With today's screen capture utilities, saving is EASY! On a Windows 95 Pentium 120, conversions take about 33 seconds. Next I will describe the method I have found works best with Windows 95. 1. Create a DOS shortcut to ShowSpc.exe . Shortcut settings: CLOSE on exit; FULL Screen; enable the [PRINT SCRN] button to capture to the buffer\clip board (memory). 2. Now you can drag and drop any SPC or SPU file onto the shortcut and it should begin the conversion. 3. To CAPTURE the image, wait until the conversion is done, then hit the [PRINT SCRN] button or use a screen capture utility. 4. To EXIT press the [SPACE BAR]. Most any key should trigger the exit from DOS shell if the settings are correct. NOTE: This program does not manage memory well. Attempting multiple conversions may lag your system because the program does not always COMPLETELY close. Use the END TASK function in Windows 95 if this happens. [Control-Alt-Delete] (once only or you will reset your system) 5. To SAVE the image in the clip board, simply open any graphics editor that can paste from the clip board. MS Paint works well. I suggest you use a program that can save as TIF or PNG as JPG will reduce the original quality, and BMP files are LARGE. a. ShowSpc increases image size to 640 x 400. The original size is 320 x 200, so rescaling the image size will not corrupt image quality, and WILL SAVE SPACE. You may notice a black line at the top of Spectrum pictures after conversion. The Spectrum program could actually only make an image that was 320 x 199 because of some color limitations per screen. The SHOWSPC archive and its contents are free of charge, and may not be charged for unless you get permission from DreamPark Development! I have included my own small help file in addition to the original. I have also included an original SPC file, and some ICOns for fun. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me! Please distribute this archive for Atari users EVERYWHERE!!!

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